Street photography: 8th June to 25th June 2021

This roll took some time for me to finish as I had fallen into a creative rut and the places I usually frequent didn’t appeal to me at the time.  I tried to break it by taking the bus to Vaxholm but only managed one photograph that, in the end, didn’t turn out any good. When walking around I just felt watched and uneasy and it put a damper on my creativity. In the end I stayed in the areas I was familiar with and managed to finish the roll with what I was offered.

After developing and scanning the negatives I discovered black lines going trough most of my photographs. I’m not sure where they come from but I suspect that my squeegee has something to do with them. And speaking of damages to my photos, on the last image there appears to be four tears in the emulsion and I don’t know what caused them. There were also some drying marks on some photographs but they were easily removed with some eyeglass cleaning fluid and a microfiber cloth.

There are four tears in the emulsion over the trees in this photo.

Two photographs on this roll stood out to me. The first one is of a couple buying food from a hot dog stand and the second, that is not even in the street genre, depicts some ducks resting in the Stockholm archipelago. I think that both of them are aesthetically pleasing and the combination of black and white with the woman’s dress in the first image gives off an old-timey feel. The second photo, with its resting birds and still water, conveys a sense of calm. That this is a place of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately it was affected by the black lines I mentioned earlier.

By Skoge Farman

I am a street photographer based north of Stockholm.

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