Street photography: 28th May to 5th June 2021

Late last year I bought a 5-pack of Pro Image 100 to be used during the summer season. I had a gut feeling that Kodak would raise their prices so I decided to act early. In just a couple of weeks my hunch would be proven right and Kodak announced a price increase on their film stocks effective from 1st January 2021.

I normaly shoot in black and white but had been thinking of putting together a portfolio of color photographs, to show that I can work with more than just monochrome.

Demonstration against the conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia

Fast forward to June. The sun is shining, the vegetation has sprouted and it’s the time for color. I loaded my rangefinder with a roll of Pro Image 100 and went out. During my wanderings I quickly discovered that shooting color was harder than I thought. Not only did I need to account for shape, contrast, tone and texture but also for color and that threw my thinking for a loop. And of course the subject has to also pique my interest.

I had a hard time picking interesting subjects and during the days that passed I became a little put off with the medium. I started to doubt myself and the idea of putting together a color portfolio or even shooting color film at all. During the time it took for the lab to develp my roll of film and for me to scan the photographs I thought about the matter. In the end I decided that even thought I don’t often shoot in color I still want to be able to produce good work with the medium. But before I try again I will need to read up on color photography to have a better grasp of what I am doing. Putting together a color portfolio will be for another time.

Some photos on the roll turned out okey but none where any good.

By Skoge Farman

I am a street photographer based north of Stockholm.

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